michigan forest

Healthy forests are the best plant cover to protect our rivers, lakes and streams from soil erosion. Forests provide renewable building products, jobs, recreation, and are critical to water quality and wildlife habitat.

The single most important thing a landowner can do is to develop a written forest management plan. A management plan will prescribe the best harvest type for the landowner’s goals for their property. These plans are required for some State programs, and are beneficial for all landowners.

Before you decide to harvest trees from your property, engage a consulting forester to identify the different stands and best practices required to meet your goals. In addition to writing a management plan to guide future forestry activities, they can mark trees for timber sales and manage logging bids and operations on your land for you, so you know you are getting the best price for the right trees. For more information on how to engage a consulting forester, see the MSU-E Bulletin here:

This link is of Registered Qualified Foresters in Michigan. Kalkaska County begins on page 165 of 341.

Our very own Conservation Specialist, Renee Penny, was recently awarded an Oak Wilt Certification. She participated in a multi-day class with the Arboriculture Society of Michigan and Michigan Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division. If you have any questions about your oak trees, their susceptibility to getting Oak Wilt, or treatment options please give Renee a call today.

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