Invasive Species

Kalkaska Conservation District is dedicated to keeping an eye out for incoming invasive plants. Staff regularly attends conferences and field trips to know what the latest invaders are and how to treat them if they show up in our backyards. Our office is also part of an invasive species coalition that services Charlevoix, Antrim, Kalkaska, and Emmit counties. This coalition is called CAKE CISMA and it’s partners include conservation professionals in the region. We work with CAKE CISMA to conference about survey results and best management practices of invaders with the counties. To learn more about CAKE CISMA please visit them here.

Renee Penny, our staff Conservation Specialist, conducts a plant inventory survey of properties and maps where invasive plant populations are, and makes recommendations on best management practices for each parcel/species. If this is a free service you would like to take advantage of on your property, you should reach out today. To reach Renee by phone call (989) 306-0781 or send her an email at renee.penny@macd,org.



Invader(s) that we are particularly worried about are:

Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB): Targets a variety of healthy trees but chewing into bark and depositing eggs into the cambium layer (inner bark). Once the egg and larvae matures it will emerge from the trunk/bark as an adult beetle. The exit holes in the trunk will be perpendicular to the ground and will be a perfect circle that a pencil fits into. Adults are 1 to 2 inch long with a black body and blue spots on body. Antenna and legs are often a blue hue. While ALB has not been observed in Michigan to this date, it is critical we keep an eye out for this beetle. If it invades our beautiful forests it will have a devastating impact to our Michigan forestry industry.


Invasive Species Resources:

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN)

Michigan Invasive Species Coalition


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